Cane Fighters International

De VITOK-docent voor Sutekki-Jutsu, Guy De Ro Kyoshi, biedt ook een combat-versie aan voor de zelfverdediging met een wandelstok. Hiervoor is een instructeurslicentie te halen.

General Terms and Conditions of CANE FIGHTERS INTERNATIONAL (CFI)

There are 3 titles:
a. CFI-Student
b. CFI-Instructor, See Technical Requirements below
c. CFI-Master instructor, See Technical Requirements below
There is one nomination: CFI-Cane Fighter: No technical requirements, Only on approval of CFI.

Rules & Requirements
1. The use of CFI logos, under any support (paper impressions, digital impressions, textile,…) is prohibited except with permission of CFI.
2. A CFI Instructor or Master Instructor will wear CFI colors when demonstrating or teaching at any kind of seminars, meetings, or any type of public events in the name of CFI.
3. Instructors or Master Instructors of CFI Cane Fighters or their students will use only CFI canes.
4. No ‘Street tips’ ever will be used for training sessions, demos, or seminars.
5. No nominations or titles of any kind can be granted without permission of CFI. Except for a CFI-Instructor title granted by a Local CFI-Master Instructor, in his/her area.
6. No membership fee is required by CFI.
7. A mandatory purchase of 10 (Ten) combat canes is required for CFI-Master Instructors. This purchase must happen in the month preceding the certification. A 20 % rebate from the official catalog price will be accorded as on any further purchases of any type of canes.
8. CFI is not involved in any religion or political concepts.
9. When several CFI Master Instructors are based in the same geographic location, a Headmaster Instructor will be appointed by CFI.

What is a CFI-Instructor?
A CFI-Student who studied the CFI program for at least 1 year under supervision of a CFI-Master Instructor and has been granted the title after being tested by CFI.
What is a CF-Master Instructor?
(i) A CFI-Instructor for at least 2 years,
(ii) who is the owner of a Martial Arts school, is teaching in a Martial Arts School, or is teaching an independent section with at least 5 CFI students,
(iii) S/he has a very solid experience in one or several Martial Arts and is currently actively practicing that/those style(s); In case s/he only practices the CFI cane fighting style, a very solid knowledge of the system will be required, and s/he must have been a CFI-Instructor for 3 years at least.
What is a CFI-Cane Fighter?
(i) A CFI-Master Instructor since at least 2 years,
(ii) who is appointed to be responsible for a well-defined geographic area (Country, State, region, province, city, …),
(iii) Nominated by CFI. This nomination can be revoked at any time.
(A CFI-Cane Fighter can grant a CFI-Instructor in his area.)

Technical requirements CFI-Instructor
-The 10 strikes/10 Blocks of the CFI system,
-Variations and drills on the 10 strikes /10 blocks,
-A strict minimum of 30 Self-defense concepts,
-Candidates must present the list of concepts one month prior to testing,
-Must be sponsored by a Master Instructor.

Technical requirements CFI-Master Instructor
-Profound knowledge of the CFI System,
-Master level of Martial Arts in general,
-A strict minimum of 50 self-defence concepts,
-Candidates must present the list of concepts one month prior to testing,
-Demands for this title will be introduced at least six months prior to testing.

Successful candidates CFI-Instructor and CFI-Master Instructor receive their diploma on a quality wooden plaque with inscription. Examination fee (including diploma): €85.

Exceptions are what they are called: Exceptional.

Guy ‘Ziggy’ De Ro
Cane Fighters International Founder and Head Instructor
Year of the Lord 2022

Grootmeester Ziggy doceerde te Zoelmond, 15 mei 2023 (contact)

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